An exceptional playschool for young children

Pikkulukkari is a non-profit private daycare founded in 1984 in Tuusula, Kirkonkylä in Central Uusimaa. Playschool children and preschoolers aged 3-6 get an opportunity to grow up in a peaceful environment in two, small half-day groups under the guidance of Tiina and Sari. The Montessori Education we follow supports the development of the child's school readiness.

We have a limited number (five) full-time places where child participates in both morning and afternoon groups. Alternatively, child's need for full-time care can be supplemented with a family daycare provider or privately hired childcare provider.

Pikkulukkari is a Finnish speaking daycare, however educators can communicate in English when needed. Many of the families in Pikkulukkari are international.

Children under the age of three can start in Pikkulukkari in the autumn or spring prior to the child's third birthday. We offer preschool education approved by the municipality.

Playschool children bring their own packed snack and preschoolers and full-timers receive hot food every day. Common to all Montessori schools is self-directed guidance and a mutual respect of the adult towards the child. The international slogan of Montessori schools is: "Help me do it myself"

The playschool is located in the former official residence of the Tuusula Parish verger on Lukkarintie, near the Church of Tuusula. The school building is a red wooden house from the 1920s, with furniture designed especially for children. The playschool is run by a non-profit association.


Vacant care places!

We have vacant care places in the morning and afternoon groups. Unfortunately there is not any full-time care places available at the moment. The need for full-time care can be also arranged together with family day care provider. For example, a childcare day from 7am to 4.30pm or 8.30am to 5pm has been arranged when we have combined half-day care in Pikkulukkari and a second half-day day with a family day care provider. Contact our instructors and we will arrange a visit!