Welcome to the preschool at Pikkulukkari!

The development of the preschooler's school readiness is supported by a peaceful learning environment, small group size, our lovely tutors and Montessori Parenting. Preschool education is free of charge. The preschool programme can be attended at Pikkulukkari, even if the place of residence is not Tuusula.

Enrollment preschool education for children over the age of six starts annually on January. More information can be found, for example, on the Tuusula municipal preschool website.

Pikkulukkari carries out preschool education in accordance with the preschool curriculum of the Tuusula municipality and adapted to Montessori pedagogy. Preschoolers take part in one of the half-day groups of 3-6 year olds, who also regularly meet in their own preschool group. At other times, preschoolers work according to Montessori pedagogy.

A child's need for full-time care can be arranged with a family daycare provider or a hired childcare provider.